PROVEN BENEFITS OF AN ALIGNED BRAND(800% / 200% / 600% / 240%)

Today your employee is your key business and brand building medium. A strong brand promise is a differentiator, but if it is not backed up it can quickly become meaningless to consumers. And without engaged employees to bring the brand promise alive it is difficult to have repeat customers and a sustainable business.

To top that Millennials who not only form the chunk of the workforce today but also the largest living generation of customers, say that they don’t believe company ads- only 1 % of Millennials claim that a compelling advertisement influences them. On the other hand according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO or Founder. In our age of social media, employee views and opinions can really shape public opinion about a brand. When consumers are aligned with a brand, they give it twice as much share of wallet as those who are not aligned with that brand.

While employee opinions are becoming more critical for a business according to Gallup research, only less than half of managers (46%) and slightly more than one-third of non-management employees (37%) strongly agree with the statement “I know what my company stands for and what makes our brand(s) different from our competitors.” On the other hand, those who know why they bother to go to work beyond doing it for the money and have identified a clear purpose are up to eight times more effective. Bricoleur Consulting provides insight led solutions that enable internal-external alignment.

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