Leadership Stay Interview

Prevent Burnout through Leadership Stay Interviews

The pandemic and the ensuing re-prioritization by the world’s workers about the role of work, is causing massive disruption across levels, including amongst your leaders. 

In the last quarter of 2021, CEO resignations were up sixteen percent over the same period the previous year and recent research suggest that over seventy percent of CEOs are thinking about resigning. Instead of allowing this trend to intensify you could address the risk of burnout or  disengagement (#QuietQuitting) or even attrition by implementing  Leadership Stay Interviews.

Prevent Leadership Turnover through Leader Check-ins

What is a Stay Interview?

A stay interview helps to identify what is motivating an individual to stay and what might entice them to work for someone else.  Typically more informal than an exit interview, when conducted by a third party the interviewee is likely to be more candid about what his/her reasons are to stay, and also what could be better. The psychological safety afforded by speaking to an objective, third party is an important reason for the introduction of these interviews. These interviews should not be linked to performance appraisal in any way and should be designed to identify risk factors that could prompt a resignation, before it eventuates.

The Bricoleur Leadership Stay Interviews are conducted by senior leaders who have experience running business units and teams and can empathise with a leader's challenges

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The Bricoleur team who conduct the interviews comprises a professional who may have experience in digital transformation, social media or leadership coaching  and a partner qualitative research expert. Qualitative research enables the use of methodologies to unearth underlying feelings and perceptions beyond just conscious responses. These may help to gauge what a leader is truly feeling.

At the conclusion of a Leadership Stay Interview we will provide you with a report touching on , opportunities your employee may feel they are currently not getting, including intangibles like a clear sense of purpose or greater flexibility, and tangibles such as stretch assignments, career progression or higher remuneration, suggest interventions and recommend specific next steps. You can also click on How it Works to find out more about our process.

In order to give us an understanding of your organisational background, priorities and reasons for organising a Leadership Stay Interview and also get more details on how we could help, you can also click on Make an Appointment for a complimentary call.

Our Team

Anu D’Souza

Managing Director, Bricoleur Consulting

Anu D'Souza - Managing Director of Bricoleur Consulting

Anu is Managing Director of Bricoleur Consulting, an insight-led leadership recruitment and retention consultancy. Anu started her career in marketing with companies like Unilever, Ogilvy and BBDO on brands such as Cadbury’s, Mainland, Dove and Knorr. She was also involved in developing the marketing mix for the Aviance brand for Unilever from scratch, for Developing and Emerging markets, an initiative that won the Unilever Chairman’s Award for Best Marketing Idea for the CAME region.

Anu is a big believer in diversity, equity and inclusion and runs Bricoleur with the objective of creating not only more purpose-driven teams that are thriving but also fairer and more inclusive teams. She has also conducted a global study on diversity best practices for Unilever and is on the Board of WomenofFatorda.in, an e-commerce start-up empowering the village women of Fatorda in Goa through the online sale of their spices. Anu is also the author of Aligned: Why CEOs need Company Brand Alignment in the Age of a Questioning Workforce’. An Australian citizen of Indian heritage, Anu lives in Singapore.

Damien Cummings

Chief, Digital Strategy and Leadership at National University of Singapore (NUS)


Damien is currently Chief, Digital Strategy and Leadership at National University of Singapore (NUS). Damien is passionate about digital transformation and  leads the practice at NUS. Prior to his academic career, Damien ran PeopleWave that focused on using people analytics for onboarding and performance management. Damien too started his career in marketing and has done roles like Global Head of Digital at Standard Chartered Bank and  Regional Marketing Director with Samsung.

He has also worked with companies like Dell, McKinsey, Philips, Coke, NRMA and Ogilvy with global, regional and local remits. He has been a judge for many awards and a top-ranked keynote speaker, chairman and commentator on digital transformation, marketing and people management. Damien has held industry leadership positions including APAC Board Director of the Mobile Marketing Association, APAC Advisory Board of the CMO Council and the Global Executive Committee of the World Federation of Advertisers. Damien is an Australian citizen based in Singapore.

Luc Mandret

Founder Director, The Advocacy


Luc is a French national and has been in Southeast Asia for 4 years, bringing more than 15 years of working experience in communication and marketing, with a deep focus on reputation management, brand sustainability, digital and social media strategies. Luc is also a certified professional in digital marketing. Graduated in 2002 in statistics and IT, Luc started his career for big pharmaceutical companies in Europe. Then he moved to work as a journalist and blogger, launching one of the first digital TV channel in France. 

He joined then communications agencies to lead and develop their digital capabilities, first with Edelman in 2008 then for Publicis in 2013. He was also a lecturer at Paris La Sorbonne university.  Luc moved to SEA with Publicis in 2017 for a GTM mission in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, then joined Havas as General Manager of their agency in Cambodia. He returned with Publicis to Vietnam to lead the PR & digital agency of the group.

In 2021, Luc launched his own boutique consultancy agency, advising companies in their marketing and communication challenges, with a strong focus on connecting reputation management with digital performance.

Joni Ngai

APAC Business and Digital CEO

Joni is an alumnus of the Kellogg School of Management, North Western University, USA and currently teaches analytics and data science courses for the Master of Science in New Media program at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Joni is also the Technical Editor for “ Developing Analytic Talent: Becoming a Data Scientist” published by John Wiley & Sons.

Joni has worked in the US, APAC region and in China. She was till very recently double hatting as CEO of Reprise (IPG Mediabrands) as well as Chief Product Officer with UM China, was previously Managing Director of Performics (Publicis)  and Managing Partner at Azurio Consulting in China. Joni has also worked as Chief Digital Officer, Asia Pacific for GTB, a WPP company, managing the Ford Motor Company business, as Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Microsoft, as Director of Digital and Data Analytics at MRM, McCann and as CRM Solutions Director with Havas. Joni is originally a technologist and started with Razorfish in the US.