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Why Find a mentor?

As professionals in the marcomms and martech industries we are often require to consult with and provide direction to clients. When it comes to our own careers however we can often lack clarity. Having someone from the industry who may have been where you are currently, to bounce off thoughts, ideas and get advice that is rooted in experience, yet is objective, can be invaluable,  and can help you chart your next steps.

AskBricoleur-Leaders Mentor Leaders

AskBricoleur- Leaders Mentor Leaders conducts periodic Mentoring Fortnights. When you book an appointment with a Mentor, you will receive a follow-up email confirming the time slot and other details of your planned session. You can choose to use the appointment to ask about how to grow and manoeuvre in your current organisation or how to move countries while retaining your career or even about how to make career pivots- anything you feel your Mentor could input on.  The mentoring with this initiative is not ongoing but rather more one-off and advisory in nature. 

If you would like to view the profiles of the Mentors who have participated in the last Mentoring Fortnight in 2021, please click here.

Find a Mentor

Would you like to recommend an individual from your specialisation who you think is very competent, strategic and high on EQ? As a company we rely on recommendations from leaders such as yourself to identify talent with leadership potential. As a result of your recommendation this individual will be added to our talent pool to be considered for relevant roles. Bricoleur Consulting operates globally and frequently recruits for roles with a local, regional or global remit in the media, digital, analytics, research, performance, martech, e-commerce and communications industries. Your recommendation could change an individual’s life. In case you are the first person to recommend this individual and Bricoleur earns by placing this individual in a new role, Bricoleur will donate $300USD to OXFAM on your behalf and you will be notified about your contribution.

Recommend a Colleague (optional)
Please share the name of someone you have worked with and would recommend.

If you are the first person to recommend them and we place them in a new role, we will donate $300 USD to Oxfam on your behalf and you will be notified.