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We have always aspired to climb the corporate ladder. Our definition of success however is evolving and becoming much more about personal impact.

About the bricoleur leaders mentor leaders (LML) program

With the dramatic changes the pandemic has wrought on our way of working, many of us are questioning our work related choices. Given this, having someone experienced in your industry to lend you a listening ear and helping you answer questions about your next step is invaluable.
Based on feedback from professionals in the digital marketing, media and technology companies we have developed the Bricoleur LML initiative to provide a mentor and mentee matching service for a 2-week period starting 1st October to 15th October 2021.
With networking events shifting largely online, this is a chance to learn from, interact with and connect with more experienced regional leaders across borders. The purpose of providing the LML mentoring service is to enable professionals from our industry to interact and connect with and also tap into the existing knowledge and skills of more experienced leaders in the region. The mentoring is meant to be non-evaluative and informal and is not meant to be between individuals from the same organisation.

What to expect from the bricoleur LML program

How does Bricoleur LML work ?

Bricoleur Consulting has a track record of supporting and placing leaders in the digital marketing industry. The process for matching a Mentor and Mentee is subjective. Our unique experience cannot necessarily be best leveraged through a standard mentor matching tool. We believe our focus on EQ and values in our hiring process over the years has resulted in our 90% plus retention rate and the fact that almost half of our placements have been women, many in leadership roles. We have been recognized for Best Candidate Experience and Best Client Experience at the Asia Recruitment Awards and for our business practices in Singapore through the Top 500 SME Award.

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