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“My passion is sustainability- how can I encourage my Board and C-suite to get serious and be authentic about ESG?” “How can I raise my profile within my organisation?” “How should I prepare from a skills perspective for the future?” “How do I continue working once I reach the official retirement age- what are my options?” “I want to be self-employed- how do I plan for it?” These were the sort of questions our very busy and senior Mentors helped with from Mentees across the region. A big thank you to Audrey Kuah, Vivek Kumar, Joe Nguyen, Gowthaman Ragothaman, Su Lin Tan, Gergo Szanko, Robert Kiely, Sonal Patel and Damien Cummings for taking out precious time to support talent facing some very big questions, many of which have come about due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. While the initiative ended officially last week we still have a bit of an overflow with appointments continuing into the next few weeks due to appointment conflicts and health issues (yes including Covid-19) creating the need for rescheduling.  From all accounts things are still in flux but grateful that Bricoleur has been able to provide some support through these amazing Mentors during what, for some, has been a very testing time. We plan to continue doing so. Watch this space.   “How long should I stay in a role?” “I want to change jobs as I no longer feel comfortable after my company was bought out- what should I focus on till I find something comparable because I’m highly paid and don’t want to compromise on that?” “I have always specialised in a certain sector but I can’t find my way back into the job market because of my age- what skills do I need to get back in?” “I’m overwhelmed with the kids at home for so long and trying to juggle that with my job- I really feel like quitting but am worried about doing it without something else in hand- any ideas?” “I want to start-up my own company but I don’t have residency here- any suggestions on how I could pull that off?” “I’m retraining for a specific online platform – will I have to start at the bottom, will my previous experience count?” #measuretrust #measuretalentalignment #measureemployerbrand #leadershiprecruitment