In A Nutshell

We at Bricoleur Consulting are a team of industry professionals who aim to create workplaces where people thrive through their work #WorkLifeThriving. Our solutions are insight led and span company brand and people solutions- diagnosis, development and tracking.

who is a bricoleur?

who is a bricoleur?

There are fundamentally two ways of innovating- discrete or bricolage. Discrete or radical thinking can involve ignoring what exists and starting completely afresh. Bricolage thinking (developed by Levi- Strauss in 1967) on the other hand involves using creativity to recombine existing resources to provide breakthrough solutions. The practitioner of bricolage thinking is a bricoleur, much like our team members who come equipped with not just creativity and deep industry experience but also life experience, empathy and EQ. Bricolage thinking also describes our approach to partnering our clients to create ALIGNED 360TM Corporate Brand and People Solutions.

we believe

For too long work and workplaces have been about earning a living. For too long work has been about putting on a show-face and getting on with what’s expected of you. For too long has work been about meeting a target without connecting with the reason for it. But we spend almost half our lives at work. And many of us derive our identities from work. So why should it not do more for us as humans, why should it not be fun, engaging and something to look forward to? Why should it not make us feel like we are changing the world in some way, for the better, through what we do at work?

our purpose

our purpose

At Bricoleur we aim to create workplaces where people thrive through their work #WorkLifeThriving. Through our ALIGNED 360TM Solutions we help companies find a way to bring together the seemingly disparate objectives of profit and social impact. We believe providing meaning to our work is the only way to build true team alignment.

what we do

In today’s world thanks to social media and real time news the boundaries between what goes on inside an organization and the external world are becoming more porous everyday. So messaging about the corporate or company brand can no longer be inconsistent amongst different stakeholders. Also with today’s media fragmentation it makes sense for a single, unified message to be communicated across internal and external touch points for maximum impact and a stronger more valuable brand.

As a team of brand, research and HR professionals we sit on the cusp of brand and HR. We provide brand and people solutions with the end result of helping you create true alignment for your company brand amongst both your internal and external stakeholders.

We help create company brand and people solutions through AI, HR analytics, social media analytics and deep qualitative insight.

our team

We are a team of senior business, analytics, research, communications and HR professionals who have lived and worked in multiple geographies. Headquartered in Singapore, we work across geographies and work with our clients using technology based solutions. We also have physical teams based in Singapore, Hong Kong and London. Each team member comes with industry specific experience, that is capitalised on to develop insight led people and brand solutions.

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press room

In this section we have reproduced some of the press write-ups and coverage for Bricoleur Consulting.

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