40-Day Employer Branding Program

Welcome to the 40-Day Employer Branding Program for Scale-ups. Here you can sign up for an evidence-based approach to developing an attractive employer brand that encourages candidates to seek out your company as an employer.

What to expect at the end of the 40-Day challenge:

  • Employer branding guidelines including
    • Corporate purpose statement
    • Employee Value Proposition statement for internal and external talent groups
    • identity and communication elements
  • Communication key messages and design elements for
    • overall talent attraction
    • internal talent engagement
    • onboarding new talent
    • on–campus recruitment
    • boiler plate for job descriptions for hiring new talent
  • Communications calendar for the next 12 months for different internal and external talent groups
  • Dashboard capturing employer brand associations amongst talent based on online research
    • current employees
    • potential talent- experienced
    • potential talent – student
    • brand (including employer brand) stories shared by stakeholders
  • Employee advocacy platform (for external talent) or Intranet launch campaign (for internal talent), depending on company objectives
  • Canva Pro account
  • Buffer account
  • Glassdoor account
  • Other optional elements not included in the standard package:
    • Depth Interviews/ Focus Groups/ Concept co-creation with stakeholders
    • Ongoing tracking
    • Ongoing management of employer brand and /or employee advocacy campaigns