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Retention focused recruitment for the Digital Media, Adtech and Martech ecosystem

We have placed specialist leadership talent in roles like Regional CEO, Regional Head of Digital, Chief Strategy Officer, Regional Head of Product, Regional Client Partner and Head of Data and Analytics.

We have

  • A 90%+ retention track record since we started
  • Almost half of our placements have been women, many in leadership roles
  • Recognition for our high-touch offering 
    – shortlisted at Asia Recruitment Awards for Best Client Experience and Best Candidate Experience in 2017
    – Top 500 SME in Singapore in 2020.
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Address burn-out before its too late with our Leadership Stay Interviews

Just like everyone else leaders too have had ‘Covid Clarity’ as a result of the pandemic. CEO attrition went up over 16% percent in the last quarter of 2021 as compared to the same time period the previous year. More recent research is indicating that almost 70% of senior executives are thinking of resigning. The constant challenges of our VUCA world combined with changes in expectations of different stakeholders has created unprecedented stress for leaders who are also expected to inspire by example. In touch with sentiment amongst talent, we have identified the need to address this and have developed a Leadership Stay Interview process to address potential attrition before it’s too late.


Work with Practicing Marketing Professionals who Care

We believe that a large reason for our 90%+ retention track record is the nature of our team. The Bricoleur team has always comprised practicing professionals with multi-market experience  from boutique and Fortune 500 companies from digital media, analytics, marketing, Adtech and HRtech . As a result, we have an intimate understanding of the roles we assess for and in many instances the cultures of the hiring organizations. Our team also comprises many individuals who have leadership experience and who care greatly about ensuring a win-win for both candidates and hiring teams.

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Leadership Can Make the Difference

According to the World Management Survey, conducted by Harvard Business School, Stanford University, MIT and the London School of Economics which analysed 12,000 companies across 34 countries to determine the impact that key management practices have on the results of a company, the actions of leaders are significant. Moving a firm from the worst 10% to the best 10% of management practices has resulted in more talented employees, better worker well-being, 75% higher productivity, 25% faster annual growth and a $15 million increase in profits.


Seventy-five percent higher productivity


Twenty-five percent faster annual growth

$15 M

$15 million increase in profits

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Leadership starts from Within

There were many signs prior to the pandemic on how the employee-employer relationship was going to change. With the pandemic accelerating many trends, many of the things mentioned in this book written by Anu D’Souza, Managing Director of Bricoleur Consulting are now coming about. The book highlights the importance of aligning the company’s social purpose with an employee’s day-to-day. The book also encourages leaders to find a driving social purpose that can engage and galvanise customers, employees and potential talent.

Book by Anu D'Souza - Aligned

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